Pauli Grönberg

The author of the ABC of the Horse book series, Pauli Grönberg, is an equine chiropractor with over 30 years of experience in the field of equine rehabilitation and well-being. In his books, he educates the reader in horse anatomy and biomechanics to increase their understanding of the possibilities of holistic animal care.

Pauli Grönberg decided to write the ABC of the Horse books because there were no other equine anatomy books of this type on the market.

ABC of the Horse Atlas is a comprehensive handbook of the anatomy of the equine locomotor system. It offers the readers comprehensive information on equine anatomy and anatomical structures.

The book is divided into four topics: equine skeletal structure, ligaments, tendons and musculature. Grönberg also gives advice on the maintenance of equine muscular health to help veterinarians and equine physiotherapists provide optimal treatment for their patients.

ABC of the Horse Biomechanics presents the author’s views on equine well-being and rehabilitation.

The author of the ABC of the Horse book series, Pauli Grönberg

ABC of the Horse

These unique books should be on every horse person’s bookshelf
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