ATLAS – Anatomy of the Horse

The ABC of the Horse – Atlas covers four topics: equine skeletal structure, ligaments, tendons, and musculature. Two comprehensive (English – Latin, Latin – English) glossaries are included.​

The equine skeletal structure has been broken down into its constituent parts: the bones of the head, neck, thorax, lumbar and caudal region, and fore- and hindlimb are described in detail. The vertebrae and joints have been opened up in order to give a clear understanding of their structure.

The illustrations show each muscle individually in its proper position in the skeleton. The origin, insertion, and action of each muscle are described as well.

This information is of the utmost importance for the physiotherapist and masseur, whose goal it is to ensure optimal elasticity and flexibility of each muscle by means of manipulation, releasing of facet locks, massage, and stretching.

  • PAGES: 201
  • SIZE: 24,5 X 19 CM

Table of contents:
ATLAS – Anatomy of the Horse

Skeleton of the horse

  • Bones of the Head
  • Bones of the Neck and Vertebral Column
  • Bones of the Thoracic Limb
  • Bones of the Pelvic Limb

Ligaments, tendons of the horse

Muscles of the horse

  • Muscles of the Neck
  • Muscles of the Back
  • Muscles of the Thorax
  • Muscles of the Abdomen
  • Muscles of the Thoracic Limb