Atlas & Biomechanics – To better understand the possibilities in holistic animal care of the horses.

The ABC of the Horse books are designed to be used by veterinarians, students, and physiotherapist and for all those who are interested in horse welfare.

These unique and comprehensive books should be on every horse person’s bookshelf.



Abc of the Horse – Atlas covers four topics:
equine skeletal structure, ligaments, tendons, and musculature.
Two excellent and comprehensive
English – Latin | Latin – English
glossaries are included.
201 pages & hardcover


“It is my sincere wish that this book will help the readers in becoming better acquainted with equine anatomy.”



The book contains detailed instructions, based on years of practical experience, on how to prevent injuries and how to treat them with physio­therapeutic techniques, and on rehabilitation, particularly my means of manipulation.
187 pages & hardcover

“The book offers an alternative to traditional medical views of rehabilitation, based on holistic approach to the horse”



Pauli Grönberg


The author of the ABC of the Horse book series, Pauli Grönberg, is an equine chiropractor with over 30 years of experience in the field of equine rehabilitation and well-being.

The author of the ABC of the Horse book series, Pauli Grönberg

The Book of equine anatomy

What can I say? This is definitely The Book of equine anatomy. Full stop. Excellent, clear illustrations. I am no vet, but still, find this useful in understanding the horse anatomy.

Great educational material

I was looking for a clear, concise musculoskeletal app but couldn’t find one. This is the next best thing. All the material is represented in a clear fashion, easy to understand. I was concerned with the hefty price tag but have found this to be the best equine reference book I own. I’m happy I purchased it!

Very useful

Best horse anatomy book. I also have abc of the horse biomechanics from same author Pauli Grönberg.
Amazon Customer

Awesome text! Worth every penny

Awesome text! Worth every penny. If you want to know the EXACT location of anatomical structures, with multiple views of attachments normally obscured in other books, then buy this book. Received well before the estimated delivery date.
Diane E

Nice but not quite as good as I was hoping

he new edition of this book is nice, however it is smaller (by about 1/2) compared to the previous book, which makes the images smaller as well. It does make it easier to pack around however to keep the reference handy!! The print and paper quality is excellent and more glossy than the previous version. I was really hoping that they would have corrected some of the anatomical errors in the muscle descriptions and art work in this edition, but at least the ones I have checked so far still have the same errors. I still like this book due to the level of detail in spinal and core muscles that you can rarely find in other anatomy books.

Exceptional clarity of presentation

The attention devoted to clarity of drawings is remarkable. In most anatomy texts, multiple muscles are clustered together in complex diagrams, making it difficult to dissect out visually which muscle is which. in this text each muscle and ligament is dissected out completely, in a graded series of elegant illustrations. The origins and insertions on the skeleton all the muscles are obvious at a glance. The understanding to be gained by using this text alongside the detailed verbal descriptions of Sisson and Grossman is great indeed.
Robert C. Causey

The authoritative guide

Especially now that the full version is no longer in print, this Atlas is a wonderful guide to equine anatomy. Essential reference for anyone serious about understanding their horse’s body.
A. LaBair

Five Stars

Best indepth anatomy guide!
Km tow